Korean Nightlife: TAP


I want to introduce everyone to a place that I enjoy going to on the weekends. I live in Anyang, which is about a 30-45min subway ride into Seoul, depending on where I go. I love Seoul, and I hope to live there one day. I could easily spend an entire day there, but it’s hard dedicating an entire night. The subway closes around 11:30 and it doesn’t open until 5:30. Now, I love to dance, but I can’t be bothered to dance from midnight until sunrise. Sure, you could get a hostel, go to a jimjilbang, or bite the bullet and pay for a taxi all the way home. For me, I love to go out and dance, but at the end of the night, I want to be in the comfort of my own bed.

Luckily, there’s this lounge/club located in Beomgye called TAP.


This bar is owned by one of the coolest Korean women I’ve met, Isabell. It opened in July 2011 and moved to its new location in 2016. Although it’s not on the main strip of Beomgye anymore, the new venue is a lot nicer than its predecessor.


During the weekdays, TAP serves as a lounge. It’s music has a chill vibe and the venue is not as crowded. You can use it as good opportunity to get a drink after work or play a game of pool or darts.


Fridays and Saturdays are a lot livelier. The DJs play a wide range of music, from hip hop to house. It’s good to have a bit of everything, because I need some time to dance, as well as people watch or get a drink. Everyone people watches. Get off me.

Speaking of drinks, they’re nice! The bartenders, who are MIGHTY fine, serve the drinks quickly and they are properly mixed. There’s also an enormous menu with classic cocktails and shooters, as well as TAP’s own speciality drinks. I ordered a mojito, pictured below.


Hookah is also available, but not for the entire night. I’ve seen a lot of groups come early to grab a table, located in the center, to smoke hookah before it gets too crowded. Now, there is reserved seating at TAP and, unlike clubs in Seoul, you don’t have to pay for reserving a table. However, you are required to buy one or two bottles, depending on the side you are sitting on. The smaller tables on the right are one bottle, and the tables to the left are two. If you have enough people, it’s more cost efficient and the tables are an even greater place to people watch.


Since a lot of people go on the weekends, I recommend grabbing a locker. There are about 90 lockers available that only cost 1,000₩. Most clubs that I’ve been to in Seoul have a 3,000₩ fee. I personally like my belongings locked away and I have the key. That way, I don’t have to rely on some stranger to keep my belongings safe.


Since TAP isn’t located in Seoul, there isn’t a strong foreigner presence. That may or may not be a turnoff for people. But that shouldn’t stop you, because it’s a good opportunity to meet people! I’ve made a lot of new friends and acquaintances at TAP. Because its people, music and convenience, I’ll always enjoy a night out at TAP.

I’ve linked their Facebook page below and attached the map from their website.