This month, I’ve been trying to get a lot of work done with studying, blogging, and not to mention trying to plan out my future. Nobody likes having that “five year plan” talk with their parents. I still sometimes forget that I’m not a kid. Instead I’m an adult that has to worry about bills and where I want to end up in the next five years. Thinking about the future can be a little stressful, and one of the best outlets for me to relieve some stress is through music.  This month I’ve been listening to songs with a chill or nostalgic feel. It was nice to rediscover some genres that I loved as a child and to find new artists that have paid homage to them. It’s almost poetic to see these styles growing up with me, right?

Tuxedo: Do It

Tuxedo is a funk duo comprised of Mayer Hawthorne and Jake One. Based in Los Angeles, their music aims to bring disco back to the main stage. “Do It” is their most successful song, and was released in 2013. I’m loving their vibe and their strive for individuality in the music industry.

Neil Frances: Music Sounds Better With You

This song might sound familiar because it’s a remix to Stardust’s one and only single. Fun fact, one of the members of Stardust moved on to be one-half of Daft Punk. Neil Frances is another duo (honestly, I should have called this is the September’s Top 5 Duo/Collabs) who wanted to pay homage to a great house track. Nothing can beat the original, but this song is tastefully done and released on the 19th anniversary of its predecessor. I wish they waited one more year, because…even numbers.

Lido: Not Enough (Feat. THEY.)

Lido collaborates with THEY. in “Not Enough” and I’m absolutely in love it. Who doesn’t like a song that pays homage to New Jack Music? Seriously, Bobby Brown and Boys II Men are my favorites and I wish the genre caught on more. THEY. seems like a great artist to work with. With singles like “Working For It” and “Say When”, they show that they are willing to step out of their boundaries and play around with other genres.

eery: Her

I roamed around on soundcloud and came across eery. I looked up his instragram, twitter, bandcamp, etc., and all I could find was that this artist is from Norway. I’ve really been into chill music lately. It’s great for studying and writing, and I’m trying to get back to the grind. I’ll leave a link to his soundcloud, because I think his music is dope AF.

SIK-K: Ring Ring (Feat. Gaeko)

SIK-K was first active as an underground artist. Now he’s signed under the hip-hop label H1GHR Music, which is co-owned by Jay Park and Cha Cha Malone. Working closely with Jay Park, he released his first EP called H.A.L.F. (Have A Little Fun).  He’s collaborated with a few other artists, including Crush, Simon Dominic, and DPR Live. Also, he’s been dropping a ton of M/Vs this week. Go check his fine ass out.