Intro to Music


I’ll be using this blog to publish music that I fall in love with or rediscover. I want to use this opportunity to be more open to everyone. Music is important to me, because I see it as a universal language. It’s a form of expression that allows us to make a connection with other people and cultures.

That being said, the goal is to introduce music that I’ve heard while in Korea. That doesn’t mean it will explicitly be Korean music. The playlists that I make won’t always feature brand new songs. Some will pay homage to past artists and bands. Some may even feature generic pop or alternative music. It all depends on what I’m vibing to. Creating a monthly (or bi-monthly) playlist will almost serve as a window to look into my personality and feelings.  With this, I hope to introduce a part of me to the internet, which I’m a little scared to do. The internet can be a scary place.

That being said, here’s the first playlist:

Since this is my first and I am in Korea, I decided to primarily focus on Korean artists. You may have already heard of some of the songs listed. (DEAN is my favorite R&B singer, hands down.) I wanted to keep to the themes of hip hop and synthesized music. I usually associate synth-pop with 80’s music, but it extended from electro into different genres, including hip hop and trap. It’s alway nice finding a song that blends past music trends with new ones. Daft Punk’s “Random Access Memories” is a perfect example.

I’ve also picked my top 5 songs that spoke to me the most this month, which I will post later. I had so much fun making this playlist! I look forward to making another one for the fall season.

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