August Top 5


1. KASPER: Lean on Me

Most songs by Serine, aka KASPER, are rap songs. I was surprised to hear her sing! “Lean on Me” heavily concentrates on her vocals and is more minimalistic, showcasing her talent. I’m excited to see what’s in store for KASPER.

2. DPR Live: Right Here Right Now

DPR is short for “Dream Perfect Regime” and is a music and video group. These guys are extremely talented and creative artists. I really appreciate the visuals, and for a first album, they have so many big artists featured.

3. DEAN: Pour Up

DEAN is an R&B singer-songwriter currently based in Los Angeles. He collaborates with Korean and American singers, and has written songs for big K-POP groups like EXO, Block B, and VIXX. He experiments with his sound, setting him apart from most Korean artists. He’s also been featured in TIME as a Korean artist breaking into American market. I have to give credit where credit is due. 👏🏽



Body is one of those songs, that when I hear it, something takes over my body. It doesn’t matter where I am. Club, cafe, classroom? It don’t care, I’ll be dancing. MINO is rapping about a former lover that he can’t get over.  This song has also helped me to learn body parts in Korean, too.


5. Jessi: Gucci

Jessi, slay me! Her song can make anyone feel like a bad bitch and helps you to remember, you’re no knockoff. You’re an original and nobody can tell you what to do. I’m blasting this song during my daily affirmation. I’ve found my new queen.